Weight Loss & Detox Program

Lose Weight the Safe Way

That's right! There is a right and wrong way to lose weight.

The wrong way is to place one's body under unnecessary stress by depleting it of food. Therefore, depleting it of important nutrients for the sake of fad diets, pills, potions, and quick fixes, which in the long run, will not work.

Toxic Overload

There is a healthy alternative to lose unwanted pounds. When the body is overloaded, your body becomes inefficient and toxins build up. Due to the preservatives in food, the air we breathe, the water we drink, if you are alive, your body is toxic to some degree. If you are overweight or not eating correctly, you are more toxic than most. Therefore, the very first thing we must do is to get the body back to its normal, or near normal homeostasis. This means, you need to balance all of the functions, systems and organs in the body.

How do we do this?

By taking the products in this weight management/purification program - Taking the right high quality source of protein/vitamin shake that's made of all organic ingredients and a specific type of organic supplements.

Following the proper way to eat, which is presented in this program, without depleting the body of nutrients.

This program will aid the liver and overall body to become healthier, so it can do its job. A healthy liver function supports the body in burning fat for ENERGY.

In addition: This program can help with the following:

• Maintaining healthy liver detoxification function
• Encouraging healthy kidney function
• Promoting efficient gastrointestinal tract
• Supporting lymphatic system function
• Helping maintain healthy blood
• Balancing pH level throughout the gastrointestinal tract
• Providing an optimal environment for the natural growth of "friendly intestinal bacteria"

You can also gain:

• Increased ENERGY
• Better digestion
• Less bloated feeling
• Clearer skin
• Shinier hair
• Disappearance or lessening of past conditions(PMS,digestion problems,acid reflux,etc.)

Also, upon the completion of this program, you will gain a different mind-set about food, your body and overall health.


• Weight Loss
• Increased physical appearance o Removal of food addiction
• Increased elimination
• Clearer thinking

To purchase or ask for more information about this program:

Please contact me by phone (Dr. F 516-822-2767) and I will gladly send more information about this amazing program. All I can say is..IT WORKS! Our patients, friends and others, who have completed it have achieved great results. I have completed this program myself, and that's how I know it works.